Goals and Objectives

One of my week points is not only forgetting the Goals and Objectives, but forgetting ABOUT the goals and objectives.

So...(before I post this) I'm going to use google calendar to remind myself weekly to post on health and monthly to update progress.

Done - each last Thursday of the month I have a reminder to post update on Goals and Objectives on "Fit Friday"

I will print the G&A out and put them "everywhere".

GOAL:  Be in the best health I can be


  1. remember to get my paps and mammogram
  2. remember to get my blood work done
  3. put the date on my planner to change my contact lenses before they start to hurt
  4. find a new GP
  5. drink grape juice or red wine every day
  6. drink green tea every day


  1. do the rest of the goals and objectives (monitoring and update objectives as we go
  2. walk 2,000,000 millions steps (okay, I'll count what the pedometer counts when I pedal the bike as well.
  3. go backpacking two times


  1. put in my google calendar to use moisturizer during the day
  2. take care of my feet (moisture and pedicure)


  1. Get a perm 3 times a year instead of twice
  2. find a gentle, nice color and remember to do it


GOAL:  Ride a "Century" by the end of the cycling season  - perhaps "Apple Cider Century" or "Middle of the Mitten", both in October

I most likely will not be riding outdoors until March or April (I don't have a snow-ready bike), so some of this will be indoors.

Objective: Ride 50 flat miles by May 1 and 50 hill miles by June 1.

At home (winter work)

  1. Watch one movie each week while riding a stationary bike
  2. Three times each week, listen to 20 minutes podcast while "sprinting" on stationary bike
  3. Strengthen "core muscles" using Pilates

As soon as roads are clear and dry:

  1. Get out on Musketawa Trail (flat work)
  2. After 50 miles on Musketawa Trail, begin with 20 miles of "hill work"  (route on Mapmyride and including Grand River Ave and Five Mile Road.)
  3. Beginning May 1 (because of sunrise times) ride to work 3 days per week.

GOAL: Ride my bike to my parents' house (180 miles) by July 4.

That should fit in with the rest of the bike work.

Financial piece:

  1. need panniers and trunk bag

Notes:  for riding to Mom and Dad's house, a good idea might be to either have a "volunteer" ride with me, or have Tom drive ahead and "camp" at a hotel.  I'd like to do the ride in 3 or 4 days.


GOAL: Post every day

grace-note - okay to miss three days a month

Objective:  Stick (loosely) to the schedule.

  • I posted a loose schedule a few months ago that has worked pretty well

Objective:  Make my blog known

  • Post on "hot topics" that will attract search engines
  • Post comments on other blogs that I already read and enjoy, although through my blog reader.

Objective:  Make my blog "worth it"

  • Use MzEllen.com to blog my way through books, devotionals, podcasts and life.

This is the really, really difficult one, because it's so easy to fall off that wagon and so hard to get back on.



Objective:  Focus on "The Primal Blueprint"

  1. Limit carbs to 100 grams a day, 6 days per week
  2. including 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables (heavy on vegetables)
  3. limit dairy to 1 serving a day
  4. restrict grains to oats and rice

Objective: Focus on "anti-inflammatory/anti-aging" eating

  1. make preferred and avoid food lists and carry in planner
  2. restrict "avoid" foods to one per day (working toward fewer)

Objective: Focus on "Blood Type Diet" (this should fit nicely, since it's very similar to the Primal Blueprint.)

  1. restrict "avoid" foods (dairy excepted) to no more than 5% of eating

Objective:  Enjoy the journey

  1. Eat foods I enjoy and don't force myself to eat food that I don't enjoy
  2. Cook one brand new recipe every week.

Objective:  Use the blogs

  1. Use the blogger blogs to track progress
  • daily food logs
  • blog through diet and exercise books
  • post new recipes
  • update weekly

    My plan is to use my planner more effectively.  First...find the thing (just kidding I know exactly where it is)

    Calendar Section:

    • Buy new planner pages (pick something pretty)
    • Put classes in planner

    Health Section :

    • General goals and objectives for cycling, weights, walking

    Diet Section:

    • food log pages
    • shopping lists with beneficial and avoid foods

    God Section

    • print weekly devotional
    • print out Bible reading plan
    • prayer log

    Book and Music section

    • reading and music log
    • wish list