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I've been reading "Grounded in the Gospel" - a book that teaches the "old fashioned way" of using catechisms and confessions to teach people about what we believe and why.

I don't know how to do a chart in wordpress, so I'll write out this piece that really struck me.

The premise is that most catechisms (whether planned or not) follow a 3-piece structure

  1. Learning
  2. Worship
  3. Action

We proclaim Christ

Who is

  1. The truth
  2. the life
  3. the way

and who is our:

  1. prophet
  2. priest
  3. king

Each one of us is called to be his:

  1. Disciple
  2. worshiper
  3. servant

Together, with all the saints, we are

  1. the pillar and foundation of truth
  2. the temple of the living God
  3. The body and bride of Christ

We are called to live in light of

  1. the Faith once for all delivered
  2. The new and better covenant
  3. the Kingdom of God

And are called to exercise

  1. faith
  2. hope
  3. love

The summary of our response to Christ

  1. Taught by the Truth
  2. and liberated by the Life as we
  3. walk in the Way