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A few evenings ago at my sister's house (I was sleeping in the finished basement) I was startled by a very large bat.  It flew into the enclosed laundry area so I shut the door.  And we had not seen it since.

I talked to my sister about it and she likes the bat.

They've had a few in the basement and when her husband kills one of them, she starts seeing bugs in the basement.  When there's a bat, it eats the bugs.

She says, "Better the bat I can't see than the bugs I can see".

But then...I like bats.  Bats are the good guys.  One bat in one night will eat a whole grocery bag full of mosquitoes.

One of my favorite things at Meijer Garden.  (some of the photos are not very sharp...I was with 6 students; one of them is/was afraid of bugs and another doesn't like crowds...)

thousands of butterflies (and lots of people), in the main conservatory - 5 stories tall...

you can watch them come out of their cocoons... ...continue reading