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Okay...so we have a few hundrend billion dollars (this time around) on the basis that it might stimulate the economy, but nobody can really say for sure.

But conservatives are supposed to prove that borrowing from future generations won't work before opposing the spending package.

Shouldn't it be the job of those who want to spend the money to prove that it will work - before committing to trillions in national debt?

My son's car blew its clutch.  It will cost $600.00 to fix it...and it might work and it might not - it's a 22 year old ford that he paid $400 for.

It's his job to convince me that fixing the clutch will make the car drivable.

It's not my job to convince him that it won't work.

prayer request:

Michele (Reformed Chicks Blabbing) has cancer.  Please pray not only that she recover (God willing), but that she use her cancer as best that she can - there will be many learning and teaching moments.  Also pray that she see the comments of her more vitriolic leftist readers as what they are...a remarkable demonstration of the "T".


Say "hello" to the "welfare state".

But, thanks to the simple phrase slipped into the legislation, the new "stimulus" bill abolishes the limits on the amount of federal money for the so-called Emergency Fund, which ships welfare cash to states.


From CBMW's "Gender Blog":

"Florida Conservatives Fighting Transgender Restroom Law"

The Associated Press calls it a “dark ad,” but Florida conservatives are trying to show the potential fallout of transgender anti-discrimination law the city commission passed in Gainesville last year. The law allows “transgendered” people to use either a male or female restroom, the restroom of their choosing. The television advertisement, sponsored by Florida conservatives, shows a blonde girl heading into the women’s restroom from the playground. A scruffy man, lurking outside, rushes into the restroom behind her. The words, “Your City Commission Made This Legal.” The city commission approved the measure, 4-3, last year.


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On a lot of things, there is a more liberal and a more conservative viewpoint.

On most of these things, I tend to the more conservative side.

Here is what I have learned:

  • If a person on the more liberal side criticizes a person or group on the more conservative side...good!  We need to be aware of the faults of the "other" side.
  • If a person on the more liberal side criticizes a person or group on the liberal side...well, by and large it just doesn't happen.  "We need to stick together against the conservatives or we will lose the ground that we have gained"
  • If a person on the more conservative side criticizes a person or group on the more conservative side, that's just the way that it should be.  "After all, you should know the faults of your own side and now, you're "getting it."

The fourth leaning?

If a conservative criticizes a person or group on the more liberal side - even if it is just recognizing extremes...

OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS!!!  It is as if the world is beginning to implode!

The message?

Criticize conservatives.  Conservatives, look to your own faults.

Leave the liberals alone, or there will be consequences.

You will be accused of hatred, you will be accused of divisiveness, you will be called ignorant, you will be told to "get a life".  You will be called a dinosaur, a bigot or worse.

The moral...liberals are sensitive beings who do not wish to be examined and who do not wish to examine themselves.

liberals are also in the business of examining conservatives and insist that conservatives examine themselves.

Careful...your double standard is showing.