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One of my week points is not only forgetting the Goals and Objectives, but forgetting ABOUT the goals and objectives.

So...(before I post this) I'm going to use google calendar to remind myself weekly to post on health and monthly to update progress.

Done - each last Thursday of the month I have a reminder to post update on Goals and Objectives on "Fit Friday"

I will print the G&A out and put them "everywhere".

My plan is to use my planner more effectively.  First...find the thing (just kidding I know exactly where it is)

Calendar Section:

  • Buy new planner pages (pick something pretty)
  • Put classes in planner

Health Section :

  • General goals and objectives for cycling, weights, walking

Diet Section:

  • food log pages
  • shopping lists with beneficial and avoid foods

God Section

  • print weekly devotional
  • print out Bible reading plan
  • prayer log

Book and Music section

  • reading and music log
  • wish list