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From a "Christ the Center" podcast - a rough quote:

Our expectations of a pastor stems from our ecclesiology - our thoughts about what a church is.

If our understanding about church is that our priority is social justice, our pastor will be our chief social worker.

If we believe our goal is to affect political change, our pastor will be our community organizer.

If "church" is about our friends and family - a neighborhood clique, there will be little outreach.

If we know that our church exists to proclaim the person of Jesus Christ and His work on the cross - and to equip the saints to do that - we will expect that the Gospel be preached from the pulpit each and every week.

On the way home this morning I was listening to a past White Horse Inn episode and something really struck me.

(not a direct quote) -

Whatever you preach from the pulpit will be what your church looks like.


If what your pastor preaches is examples from his life, pictures of his family, portraits of his marriage...you are going to have a church that looks JUST.  LIKE.  HIM.

If you preach the gospel...if you hide the man behind the pulpit and preach nothing but the Word, that is what your church will look like.

Monroe doesn't have a lot of depth...but it has a lot of love.  That is what is preached from what substitutes for a pulpit.  And that is what we look like.  We seldom hear personal stories, never see family photos.

We have a pretty diverse church and lots of love.

Update:  what it lacks is the Gospel