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This is funny...I can tell when history classes have a research paper due. How?

Google searches. One of the research papers I wrote that I had the most fun with was: Compare and contrast Martin Luther and Henry VIII. I put a few of my papers online and this one is there also. That is by far the most popular search that brings people to this blog.

Of the top 5 google searches on my sitemeter page, 4 of them are looking for...yep. And they're not in the same place.  The cities:

  • Dallas, Texas
  • Tallahassee, Florida
  • Staten Island, New York
  • Van Buren, Arkansas

And I just thought my professor was being inventive...

So...if you're googling for information...please don't plagerize; give credit where credit is due...and enjoy history.

Ok...here's the research paper...if anybody is out there reading, please proof and help out. (I was going to have a whole section on autism...but I ran out of both time and space...)

Inclusion Literature: People with Disabilities

When we consider “multicultural literature,” we look for ways to introduce students to other cultures; both far away and in our own “back yard.” We may use fiction or non-fiction or contemporary stores or stories from long ago. We may use traditional folktales or stories written for this generation of children. Our goal, always, should focus on bringing a greater understanding of the value of all people and to encourage inclusion and tolerance of people different than us.

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