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15- - Describe the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, the second person the Holy Trinity.  Incarnate Son of God.  Crucified, died, buried, and resurrected for the remission of my sins.  Sacrificed so that I might be adopted by the Father.

Now sitting on the right hand of God, making intercession for me.

16- - What is the Holy Spirit up to in your life right now?

The answer is much different than it was two months ago.

In a specific way, I don't have a clue.  I don't know where He's taking me, I don't know what direction He's going.  And that might be the point.  If I don't know...all I can do is trust.

In a more general way, I'm broken.  Heart-broken and spiritually broken and messed up.  The only One I have to depend on is God and that's the general direction He's taking me...dependence on Him.