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But still very scattered and tired.

I have a deep cough but don't know when I'll be able to get to the doctor (I have conferences until 7:15 Monday and Wednesday and massage until 4:30 on Tuesday.  To miss any conference time or work time this week messes up my "comp time" that I will need to cover district days off later in the year.

I have an art panel due Thursday, along with two art projects (including lesson plans) on Thursday.

I am still not focused on anything and my brain is not doing well.

fever (check - sort of.  My body temp runs low, so 100 is  a fever for me)

body aches (check)

head ache (check)

Nasal congestion (check)

cough (check)

sore throat (check)

fatigue (check)

A little nausea, no other intestinal symptoms.

The pharmacist at CVS gave me stuff with real sudafed, which seems to be helping a little.

One of my co-workers called in sick because her has it.

Many of our students have conditions that leave them immuno-compromised and I wonder if they will close our campus if we get a few cases.  The official policy states that each individual bears the responsibility to stay home, but with our fragile population, it might make sense to close campus.