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I "maintained".  I did the exercise, I earned 28 AP points, I had FLEX points left over.

I'm quitting Weight Watchers (meetings).  It's not worth it to pay $40  a month for 1/2 a week (average).  Maybe after my endo appt, if we can figure out what is wrong chemically, I'll pick it up again...in the meantime, I'll do "WW" at home, on my own (with private support).

And maybe take a "zumba" class.
This is my weekly "steps" chart.  You can see that I got happy faces (only in the categories that I asked for them)  Below the fold is my weekly Weight Watchers chart (I earned 29 Activity Points and used 26.5 (so I earned 2.5 AP's that I didn't use).  I also had 9 of my 35 FLEX points left over.

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