It’s all Greek to me…

Really. And I'm a little frustrated.

My daughter and I are taking a Bible Greek class through the local home school association and languages are evidently not my gift. Last fall I got my lowest grade ever in Spanish and Greek isn't any better. Who thought up the idea of needing 20 ways to say "the"? I'd way rather be taking probability and statistics. Most things come pretty easily to me and to have to work at something - it took me by surprise.

Anyway - languages do seem to be Manda's thing - she's doing really well and I'm very proud of her! I'm encouraging her to take Spanish (Greek will have to wait until she transfers to a four-year institution) and keep up with languages.

Yesterday, I took Manda to work at the mall and instead of coming home and driving back, I settled in at the food court with my Greek, my Bible, etc. I do better picking up vocabulary if I read it, write it and then read what I wrote. I got home and I had chewed my bottom lip, concentrating so hard I have a blister. And that was only the first 9 verses of John 1. (I use graph paper and leave huge spaces, so that I can write in the tenses, genders and the endings that signify nomitive, accusative, etc.).

I took breaks by shopping (bought a book and an ankle bracelet), reading more about Onan (or rather, Judah and Jesus' family tree) and reading fiction.

I suppose I should go out on the porch and write some more - class is tomorrow night - but's all Greek to me.

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