another “date”

Soon after my husband died, I had the urge to do something that "my husband's wife" would not have done. It began my journey to "me", not "Mrs."

Actually, I did a lot of things that "Art's wife" would not have done. Got a cell phone contract, actually did research and changed churches, changed my major...and a few other things that not a lot of people know about. These are not "poor me" things - they are growth things, and I don't regret them.

My old pastor nearly went postal when I took a camping trip by myself (I was going to say all by myself, but the dog went along. I threw the tent and an overnight bag in the trunk and away we went. I did wimp out and stay in a hotel when the temperature dropped into the lower 30's (in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan - in July). He advocated for me to stay home and be safe ("you don't know who you'll run into"). I went to a lot of the places that Art and I went together and it taught me that I enjoyed some things a lot more by myself. It was the first time I had traveled alone and it was GOOD.

The "out of character" things seem be every two years and center around dates - two years ago, it was the day before the anniversary of my widowhood.

This year - well, today would have been my 27th anniversary.

And this year...the tattoo wins.

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3 thoughts on “another “date”

  1. dates, yep, I can totally relate to that. My mom and have had so many things like that in the six years since my stepdad died. So much of what you're saying reminds me of my mom--except with my mom the changes were even more extreme (since she had been locked by "Biblical authority" into an abusive marriage for 25 years--since I was 1.5).

  2. It was 23 years for me. There was a short time when I left, with very definite terms for my return - and this with the full support of my pastor and my family.

    I'm wavering on the tattoo - a very dear friend challenged - in the best way - my motives. but...the appointment is Friday. My son designed it. The outline is like a Celtic cross, but there is only a 'helix' on the upright. Across the cross bar is Greek lettering - "Christos". Having fairly recently embraced Reformed theology, I recognize the importance of Christ's finished work on the cross, and Christ's work is the only work needed.


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