Coming to the end of summer

I put in bids on two jobs today - my first choice is (probably) a lower-elementary room in a "center-based" program for severely emotionally impaired children. These are the hardest of cases, the ones that were not able to succeed even in self-contained rooms in their home districts.

My second choice is also in a center-based program with (probably) middle or upper elemtary aged severely impaired autistic children.

My dear friend reminds me that children like these need Christian teachers.

I am very much at peace with either one of these positions - I talked to the principal at the first school and she said that there is another bid that is at about the same level of seniority, so I may not get that. There are three positions open at the second school, so I am pretty much guaranteed a position there, if I don't get the first.

If I get the first one, great, that's God. If I don't, great, that's God.

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5 thoughts on “Coming to the end of summer

  1. Just piddling around following the "Next Blog" link and found yours. Very interesting, especially the Calvinist area I have struggled with for years. My inlaws have pounded my with love over I vary from a 4.5 point to a 5 point. 🙂 I'm bookmarking you...


    P.S. Bully for you on the Spam eradication!

  2. I'm about 4.5 myself - and my family is all Arminian, so the "pounding" has not come from the Reformed side...But they are all very good about my choice.

    😉 Ellen

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