My daughter learned an important lesson last night - always remember your cell phone.

She was at church (I came home - my bad) and when I tried to leave to pick her up I had a flat tire. I tried to call her, but the back seat rang.

I tried to call the church, but all the phones go through the main switchboard, which was closed, so I couldn't get through.

I tried to call her friend, but she didn't answer her phone and by the time she did, she was home.

This was my son's first time at changing a tire and he had trouble with the jack, then he had trouble getting the tire off. He did eventually get it done - and he understood my point in making him do it - this way his first tire change was in our driveway, not on the highway.

My daughter called, "Mom - are you coming to get me?"

I explained and reminded her that this was one of the reasons that I want her to carry her phone. Always. Someday, it might be her lifeline.

I think that we treat God like that sometimes. He's nice to have around when we think we might need Him, but otherwise, He's like that lifeline.

The more we depend on Him (even when times are good), the more we'll lean on Him first when times are not so good.

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