Daily Archives: May 7, 2006


Today we visited a "Presbyterian Church in America" church.

My first time every in a Presbyterian church. I've looked at the theology and the basic "what we believe" statements and they line up for me.

I don't know much about the day to day workings of this denomination, but I liked the church:
- they used hymnals
- they sang "doxology"
- they celebrate the Lord's Supper every week
- they have a choir
- they use music (not just words - real music. This is important because I'm a low alto, but I sight read; I can't use my "ear" to find the notes)

They start at 9:30 (why do so many Reformed churches start at the :30's?), which works for me, but the kids are used to sleeping late (my son often works until 11:00 at night) - but it works.

We'll go back next week.