Daily Archives: October 23, 2006

This is a "Carnival of Beauty" "assignment" that sent me down memory lane.

My "baby" is reminding me that she's going to be 18 in a few weeks. She's my "surprise".

My Tom was born first - before that I'd been on fertility pills for four years, I'd "lost" five babies, including Tom's twin. I'd been told by my doctor (a fertility specialist) that the chances of me being able to get pregnant again was "slim to none". My body was not any less "weird" after Tom was born and at one point my GP prescribed provera.

Normally, a doctor would insist on a pregnancy test before writing the Rx, but I was not normal. I had the prescription filled and was ready to take it the next morning. I had a "bug" and wasn't feeling well and it sort of dawned on me that

  1. the last time I'd felt that terrible all the time - I was pregnant
  2. the only time I didn't feel terrible was when my tummy was "unrestricted" by the clothes I was wearing.

So I called and doc said, "well, sure...I guess we could do a test..." I was so sure that I couldn't be that I didn't even tell my husband I was having the test done!  (uh....honey...you'd better sit down)

I was nearly four months along before I caught on!

Granted, this gift from God (Amanda) was a bigger (life changing) surprise than many folks get, but I've never had a better one.