Daily Archives: December 24, 2006

I showed a little gain this week (that seems to be my pattern - a really good weight loss, followed by a little gain, then another loss, so I'm not unhappy at all). I've got my recipes lined up for Christmas dinner, so tomorrow will be a good diet day.

I have "Walking Away the Pounds" dvd's - my goal is to "walk" 35 miles while I'm off on break. One of the things that I do is log all this stuff on the little (very little) "MzEllen's Weight Loss Journey" blog - it won't work for everybody but I have MasterCook and I put everything I eat (most days, some days it just doesn't work) in a "recipe" and put it on that little blog. I also keep websites that I really like on that site. I put recipes there also.

So...my goals for on break (starting today)

  • drink all my water
  • log all my food (good days or bad days)
  • walk 35 miles