Daily Archives: January 1, 2007


you know...resolutions.

I'm going to shoot for Six-fives. (yes, I've edited already)
Five fun things I want to do

  1. learn how to ski
  2. go snowshoeing
  3. go backpacking
  4. take the summer off
  5. get a membership to Meijer Garden

Five places I want to eat

  1. The beach
  2. San Chez (I'll skip belly dancing night)
  3. My mom and dad's front porch
  4. At my daughter's graduation party
  5. on a boat - any boat

Five physical things I want to accomplish

  1. 500 miles. Walking by the pedometer or Walk Away the Pounds.
  2. Goal weight (this is a stretch, but it can still be a goal)
  3. Backpacking. Really.
  4. Learn to ski. Yes, these are repeats, but they're good things.
  5. Stop biting my nails.

Five Biblical things I want to learn more about

  1. imputation
  2. the words of Christ
  3. amillenialism
  4. Old Testament prophecy revealed in Christ
  5. old earth vs. young earth

Five things I'm looking forward to

  1. Finally getting my AA (the credits are done, but I want to GET it)
  2. Taking the summer off
  3. transferring to a 4-year university
  4. loving
  5. living

Five authors/topics I want to

  1. Spurgeon
  2. John Piper
  3. Weight Watchers recipes
  4. Greek
  5. James White