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for backpacking, although I might get another set for my desk.  They're very cute.

Tom is planning a 2-week backpacking trip on Isle Royale, so he's "gearing up".  Otherwise, not much is going on.  I've been listening to the Mark Driscoll series on Ruth...I generally like Driscoll, but this series is telling me that sometimes "expository" is not all it's cracked up to be...

The series is well worth listening to - Ruth is one of the most beautiful love stories in history.


I've taken a week off (and I'm up to date on homework - my life is seeming to revolve around Dreamweaver and Access).

This week...I'm going to start posting more often (but not daily).

On the weight loss front...I'm off the plateau. I've lost 3 weeks in a row, I'm looking at both my 10% mini-goal AND my 20 pound point.

Weight Loss Chart, February

On the exercise side, I'm hitting 100,000 steps today for this month, and I'm over 290,000 steps for the year! At this time last month, I was at 59,000 steps - that's an improvement!

Walk Away the Pounds, I'm at 32.5 for the month, 94.5 for the year. This time last month I was 17.5! I've even done the Walk/jog dvd twice!

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Weight Watchers:

  • 1/2 pound lost this week
  • I lost only 2 pounds since the first Saturday in January...BUT...
  • I take measurements in 6 places and lost a total of 5 inches.
  • I think I broke through the plateau (I've lost 2 weeks in a row - 1 1/2 pounds total)
  • I (finally) hit the 15 pound mark and got my next 5 pound star!


  • The problem with winter sports is the cold and snow...
  • I'm not eating on the beach until summer...or on a boat.
  • 500 miles. Change that to 2,000,000 steps and 500 miles of Walk Away the Pounds -I am ON TRACK! In January I logged 205058 steps and 62 miles of WATP
  • Goal Weight - I cannot make goal at this rate. BUT...on a yahoo group I'm on, the signature of one woman is "Faster isn't better. Better is better, no matter how long it takes" I'm going for better, not faster.
  • Stop biting my nails. On track for that!
  • I've read a little Riddlebarger on amillenialism and a book on "can you believe in God and evolution" (not convincing)
  • Finally getting my AA (the credits are done, but I want to GET it) My AA is done, but I haven't gotten the certificate yet.
  • transferring to a 4-year university - I may actually stay at the 2-year college for another semester or two - brush up on Spanish and get a couple more psych classes in.
  • Loving and ongoing process.
  • Reading more of: Spurgeon (in the form of sermons and biographies - yes); Weight Watchers recipes (sort of, as much as I get into recipes); Greek (change that to Spanish - yes!); James White (started "King James Only Controversy)