Daily Archives: March 22, 2007

Update:  My mom and dad are staying for the luncheon, and then heading south.  When they came to Michigan for my aunt, they hadn't closed up the Florida house (water, electricity, cleaning the fridge, packing clothes and my mom's computer...)  So I will just come home and do laundry and homework.  😉

My Aunt Helen passed away earlier this week and her funeral is tomorrow (Lapeer, MI) so I have a bit of a drive. I may drive the rest of the way and stay with my mom and dad for the night and come home Saturday morning; I have to make sure it's okay with them (just in case they have other stuff going on or want to leave for Florida again right away).

I'm stopping on the way for food (I'm determined to do Core - or at least Weight Watchers the right way tomorrow and a funeral luncheon is not the best plan).

Take with me: grapes, extra lean ham, tuna in water, carrots.

First stop: Beaner's for a really big latte (skim milk, shot of sugar free chocolate)...