Crunch Week…

Access is not cooperating, so that's on the back burner for a little bit (I got dinged 20% today for not having a project in, and I knew it and it just didn't happen for me)

I thought "draft" for my web design class meant "draft" - what it means according to this instructor is "almost finished".  By this weekend.  Yikes.

I have to make a decision about graduation (I got my associates degree, finally) - do I want to do the walking down the aisle thing for a 2 year degree that took me 5 years to get?  (If I do, it'll be with the extra "stuff to wear" for being in the international honor society for 2-year institutions).  I want to get the "stuff" even if I don't walk, just to have it.

And (of course) grocery shopping, getting caught up on laundry, etc., etc...

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3 thoughts on “Crunch Week…

  1. (I really like your site redesign, however old it is. Generally I read sites in an RSS reader, and it strips out the HTML, so I only see the design if I go to comment.)

    I think you should definitely do the graduation thing. I fully intend to when my turn comes, even though I think it'll take me more than five years to get my two-year degree.

  2. Trust me you earned the walk. Take the walk, there is no feeling like it in the world. And to think it only took you two tries and not 5 like I did for mine. LOL

    Good luck with your education...

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