Thursday Thirteen – C25K

Thirteen Things about COUCH TO 5K

    1. it's easy to understand
    3. there are free downloads (MP3's) to help you time your walking and running
    4. it's doing something healthy for your body
    5. it starts out slow
    6. it's hard enough so that it gives you a real feeling of accomplishment
    7. it doesn't go too fast
    8. I can do it! (week one, first day)
    9. I can do it again (Wednesday was my second day
    10. there were bad parts
    11. I feel like I'm out of place to be attempting to run (overweight)
    12. I've had some significant pain in my lower legs - hopefully just muscles doing their thing
    13.  I'm doing so well that I'm going to need more running clothes!  (ok, that could be a good thing...

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    4 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – C25K

    1. That sounds wonderful. Maybe when I recover completely from my knee replacement surgery I can look into this. Good luck!!
      My T13 is posted too!!

    2. I'm surprised that I'm able to do it - overweight and all. I'm slow, but getting better. Saturday I walked a 5K in 56 minutes and today I walked it in 52. That's only 4 minutes faster, but 5.6 minutes better is 10%.

      My goal is to be able to really run a 5K race in October.

    3. Good for you!
      I used to walk everywhere but since my surgery I get tired very quickly...
      Oh well, one of these days...

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