Fit Friday – Walking music and events

It's been a so-so week.  I've put in a bunch of miles at work so only did one 5k walk at home.

The Weight Watchers piece as actually been pretty good.  I'm back on hormones so my weight will not change (the side effect is weight gain so maintaining is a good thing.)

Some new links:

WorkoutMusic: I really like that when you click on the cd for a list of song it gives you the beats per minute.  I've only purchsed on full cd (although if they had more that I wanted I would).  What I end up doing is deciding on a song and then trying to find the cd on itunes so that I can buy just the song I want.  Then I can put together a walk that lasts the right amount of time to go the distance I want at the speed I want.  I also build in 2 slower songs the same length so I can walk out, walk back home and then a really mellow song to stretch to - and then the real walk.

The Walking Site:  lots of good stuff.  I've learned to pay attention to the stretching.

Power Music: more music by BPM (beats per minutes)

FitPod: Many free downloads in many different speeds - not singles, but put together in workouts of different lengths.

 Do It Sports: Want a timed event?  Find it here!  Hundreds of walks/runs/biking events/swims nationwide.

Want local events?  Running in the USA lets you sort by state and month.

This week the focus is on the walk...

I've got a playlist that will give me a 5K walk in just under an hour - IF I remember the stretches.

I call it "128-131 beginner"

  • 131 BPM     Tamacun (Rodrigo y Gabriela)                            3:25 /
  • 130 BPM     Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper)           3:56)
  • STRETCH    A Thousand Beautiful Things (Annie Lennox)
  • 126 BPM     My Baby Loves Me (workout, NOT original artist)   4:46
  • 131 BPM     Jump (Madonna)                                                3:58 / 8:44
  • 130 BPM     Caribbean Beat Mix (from WorkoutMusic              30:34 / 39:18
  • 126 BPM     Straight Up (workout, NOT original artist)             4:41 / 43:59
  • 122 BPM     Love for Love (workout, NOT original artist)          5:04 / 49:03
  • 122 BPM     I can’t wait (workout, NOT original artist)              5:07 / 56:10

(NOTE: I prefer listening to original artists, but many are not good for walking to because of tempo changes.  Rodrigo y Gabriela are great - the link above it to their MySpace page and you can listen to some of their music, including the full lenth Tamacun.  The advantage to remixed workout music is that it's a very steady beat and there are sites that have remixes of a song in three different speeds.)

The "beginner" playlist is what I'll walk to this week - and then I'll take out the slower music at the end and bump up the middle a bit.   My goal is to break 45 minutes for a 5K - what is slowing me down at this point is shin splints - I end up taking really small steps.  Average is 2,000 steps per mile, I end up taking a little over 3,000.  I'm hoping that the focus on stretching helps.

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