Me and My Boy…

Last night, we had some "tom and mom time" - we went out to see "Spiderman" 😉

Then, I went on my 5K walk this morning (found the right warm-up speed and stretches - very little shin pain and broke that silly 60 minute mark).

When I got home, I went to lunch and then disc-golfing with my son. It was my first time ever (and I didn't do so great) but he's pretty good.

It was fun and I really enjoy spending time with Tom.
I have a really good relationship with my kids. For a while, it was really tough with Manda but we got through it. I guess my goal has NOT been to raise "good kids". My goal has been to raise "good adults" and we're getting close.

I haven't encouraged them to hang onto Mom's apron strings and I've allowed them to make many of their own choices (with guidance, prayer and a good track record).

I don't want to be an empty-nester - but I know that when I am it's because my kids are on their way to being great adults and that's a good thing.

One of the things that I truly appreciate is both of my kids' willingness to check in. Sometimes too often (lol). Manda most often will text-message me, Tom calls. I think the reason they're so good about letting me know where they are is - well...I sometimes "forget" to let them know where I am so they have a real understanding of the importance of checking in.

I treat them like the nearly-out-of-the-house-young-adults that they are and they know and appreciate that. And I appreciate them. appreciate you!

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