My latest acquisition

The Gateway Sabre is our stable driver and one of the straightest flying discs on the market. A fast disc with pinpoint accuracy and a predictable finish late in its flight, the Sabre is versatile enough to hold any line for players of all skill levels. While the Sabre is stable enough at high speeds to compare to more overstable discs, it does so without a lot of fade at the end of its flight.

I am having a blast going "disc golfing" with my son and my daughter went today also. I still am really bad, but I don't take myself seriously - AT ALL.

The color of this disc is a lot prettier in person - I'm still so bad I buy my discs based on how pretty they are - but Tom has given me a bunch so I've only had to buy a putter, this mid-range and a very pretty hot pink one that I liked.

I needed a bag, and I found a general tote bag just the right size on clearance at Walmart for $4.00! Every time we go I make a point of telling Tom that what makes it so much fun is the company I'm in.

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