We are home from vacation…

and I have lots of pictures, but won't inflict them all at one time...

My "new sport" is disc golf (which I only play when I'm with my kids). We were in Mackinaw City and wanted to try a disc golf course in St. Ignace. Judy (my sister in law) didn't care to go so she stayed at an overlook to kick back a bit (good choice) and the rest of us (Deb - my other sister in law, Tom, Amanda and I) went to "Silver Mountain Ski Area", where they've put in 18 holes of disc golf. The guide said "wooded" and they really meant it.

On the 3rd hole, the mosquitoes found us. At one points there were 9 of them on my legs and they were swarming Manda. She went back to the van and the rest of us played the 4th hole and quit.

These were very straight holes about 15 feet wide with heavy woods on both sides. Tom has a very long drive, but it has the wonderful "s-curve" that all the best disc golfers look for. He didn't do well on this course because he hit the same trees I did. 😉

If it had not been for the insects (or if we had remembered repellant) it would have been a great course and we'll most likely hit it again the next time we're in the area.

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