It’s been a day…

COMPUTER UPDATE:  I'm typing on the new laptop (Vista and all).  So far, all is well, but the thing came with Norton and Comcast gives me McAfee - so there's a bit of a conflict that I haven't taken care of yet.  But so far the my software is working.

HEALTH UPDATE:  Thank you for the prayers - part of me knows this is really minor, but the part that doesn't know the future frets... The surgical nurse has to talk to the doctor before they'll schedule.  The nurse said "D&C", which I didn't know was on the agenda.  I don't like generals, but if that's what it takes, I'll make sure I take an extra day off.

CAT UPDATE:  It took about 3 shots before Henry figured out that "insulin bottle = canned cat food".  Manda was out so I gave him the injection last night - as soon as I took the insulin bottle out of the fridge, the cat was next to the cupboard with the cat food...

My new laptop is on its way...with the wrong operating system. It comes with Vista, NOT the XP Pro that I ordered (and paid extra for). I am currently playing phone tag with the guy who is "taking care of it".

My cat has diabetes. That means 2 insulin injections every day and high protein, low carb food (why do vets recognize that low carb is the way to go for diabetes, but the American Diabetes Association is still recommending a high-carb diet for humans?) Amanda learned how to give the shots (I've given cats shots before) and she was a real trooper. Put food in front of Henry and he doesn't even notice the needle.

And I'll be having a (below the fold for TMI)...test/surgery

A hysteroscopy (let's put a little camera up in there and see what that thing is...

I know I have a fibroid and a "something else" that they think might be a polyp but that they know is not cancer. The test involves a general anesthesia and a hospital, so as long as I'm under they may be able to remove the fibroid and the "something else". I call the scheduling nurse tomorrow. The only problem is that they have to schedule around my cycle and that's like a crap shoot these days.

And, other than my student with the seizure, that was my day...


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3 thoughts on “It’s been a day…

  1. gina

    Praying for you as well...

    I've had a rough day too. I stupidly decided to do a 2 day juice fast. The first day was fine, but today I had the absolute worst headache ever! No hunger, just the headache. Maybe it was caffeine withdrawal? Now, I'm totally cranky.

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