My new system…

Yes - I know.  It's "eye candy" - but the desktop folders for windows Vista are cool.  You can catch a glimpse of the photos that are in the folder.

(this is not a good photo, but considering the subject is about a 1/2 inch tall...)

Here is a photo of my "set up" - I got the new laptop, I have the huge monitor that was gifted to me (thank you!) and a mini-port.  I stick the laptop in the port - that's where all of the peripherals are plugged in.  So I can have a "panorama" desktop spread over both monitors (the laptop and the big one) and use the keyboard/mouse/etc. with minimal fuss.

You can see here that I've got wordpress on the big monitor and iTunes on the laptop - actually one "screen", but spread over two monitors with the windows side by side.  All I have to do in order to "go" is unplug the one thing.  Yes, I'm spoiled...but with the classes I have, and have coming up the portability will be very helpful.

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