Carnival of Beauty…Patience

Yes…I had to have patience. I thought I would have this up last night and it just didn’t work out…

Anyway! This week!

Sara at Stones of Remembrance reminds us that we can learn from Saul’s mistake to wait on the Lord and have patience in her post, Wait, My Soul, Upon the Lord.

Amanda (Following an Unknown Path) reflects on what it means to endure the wait.

Heather at Mumblings of A Mommy Monk looks at the cycle of life in the seasons, giving us hope to wait upon God in the darkness in “Wait Upon the Lord”.

And one more! Barbara from DownstownGirl studies how wisdom works patience…and how to get there in “Beauty of Patience.

Ellen (MzEllen & Co. ) finally (sometimes) realizes that we most often get patience by being patient in Patience…

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11 thoughts on “Carnival of Beauty…Patience

  1. I have been following the discussion over at complegalitaian (whatever) and must say "you go, girl" and "you keep going, girl". I have been in these discussions before and they wear me out. But you are doing an excellent job! I know it is hard sometimes because you have a million things thrown at you and sometimes cannot get a straight answer to direct question but you are "fighting the good fight". I find it interesting that they want the exact words out of the Bible to support the idea of "authority and leader" even when the ideas are there in the context explicitly. And then when they do have the exact words there like about submission the answer is "oh, it doesn't mean what you think it means. could it be talking about something akin to driving today?" What ever happened to a plain reading of God's word? What ever happened to the perspicuity of the word? The lens they are wearing is one of "fairness" and "equality". It seems like they believe at times that this is what the Bible and Jesus is all about. It sound so close to marxism, socialism and the kingdom being on earth. And I hear you about the statistics thing. Why is abuse their big card--I guess it goes back to the equality thing. To me they miss the bigger picture that God is God and ordered things a certain way in order to advance His Kingdom.
    Sorry I got carried away. I am off to check you links.
    Thanks for your stand.

  2. Thanks - I think I'd rather be single that be in another leaderless marriage. What I object to most is the putting forth of lies and name-calling.

    I did enjoy the link (and some of the links that he linked to!)

    What diagnosis does your son have?

  3. My son has mild autism. He is such a dear boy and is making great progress.

    But I think you are right, as to a quote you had earlier about this issue undermining the authority on Scripture, that would rather hold onto this error which has severe implications than submit to the truth of God's Word.

    So keep it up. I get so mad sometimes it is better for me to stay out of it. I discussed it with Molly for a long time on a forum. I knew her there before she did an about face.

    They also don't like to face up to the fact that the majority of scholars out there agree that Paul was teaching submission and distince roles for men and women in church and home. If the scholars are of a more liberal mindset, they just say Paul was flat out wrong or that this isn't God's Word instead of trying to dance a jig around what is actually there.

  4. Hi again! I suspected from your photos that mild autism might be the dx. I love working with these wonderful people - I'm hoping that ASD will end up being my first endorsement.

  5. "I’m hoping that ASD will end up being my first endorsement. "

    Are you running for office? Or am I missing something--which is so totally possible.

  6. In Michigan special education specialties for teachers are called "endorsements", meaning that the university that gave you the degree endorses you in that subject.

    Other states may call them "credentials" or something similar.

    Most universities have a requirement of cognitively impairment as the first endorsement together with emotionally impaired. ASD usually comes as part of a Master's degree. I want to go straight for the ASD.


  7. That is so cool. My undergrade was in elementary education. I have learned so much since the diagnosis. Right now we are teaching him at home and having great success. We are in the midst of a sensory intergration therapy and have seen encouraging changes in his speech since we started. The Lord has been so gracious and we are so thankful for the progress.
    The Lord bless you work and studies.

  8. I almost posted over there, but nothing edifying would have come out of my mouth. This is not a blog in order to understand one another. It is a blog to redefine what comps say in order to trash it. Then there is the attitude (I believe it is sincere but demeaning none the less) that we are where they were and if we truly understood the Scriptures our poor hapless souls would be set free as they are. If that's freedom leave me in chains.

  9. Hello Ladies,
    I know I haven't send you the information for my post. I wasn't ready in time. But here it is for anybody who wants to stop by and read my post.
    Just click on my name and it will take you directly to it.
    Blessings, Barbara

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