Wordless Wednesday…this is me trying to learn Spanish…

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5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…this is me trying to learn Spanish…

  1. Opps, I just saw your title. That's like me and German, but there is like a wall between the book and my head so osmosis isn't even possible.

  2. The sculpture is called "Listening to History" and it's a Frederick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids. The garden in on my way home from work and I have an annual membership so I stop on a regular basis. That day it really caught my eye (I think I was listening to my Spanish assignment on my iPod)


  3. Is there a specific reason you are learning Spanish? Do you have to for your master or is it just for personal enrichment?
    Sorry if I am being nosey.

  4. "Listening to History" ...

    The near obligatory posture suggests the listener is bound to human story.

    The binding produces either apparent objectivity ... or, more likely, a blindness due to the listener's inability to distance himself from his subject, his incapacity to gain perspective.

    I'm so glad that technology has facilitated learning because we all know that osmosis of this sort was overrated!

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