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The "quiz" in the "Take a Step Forward" link. These are questions that appear to indicate "privilege". I would not have stepped far, but I answered the questions fairly and honestly. The memories they brought made me smile...although I am NOT privileged by their definition. (oh...and the questions are for "when you were in college" - which is now, so I just went back to my childhood...)

NOTE: As I look at some of these things that make a person "privileged", they enable a person to become isolated from family...your own room, a TV in your own room, a telephone in your own room...

The importance placed on "STUFF"...not one of these questions asked about "did your mom/dad/family LOVE you?" What privilege are we looking for? God's or man's?


  • If your father went to/finished (mother went to/finished) college, take a step forward.

Neither of my parents went to college. They were (are) hard workers, valuing the work of their hands.

  • If you have any relative who is an attorney, physician, or professor.

I have one cousin who has his doctorate in music and drama. He opted a long time ago to walk away from the secular world and build the drama department of a small Christina college from the ground up - so even that one does not have the "prestige of priveledge". Of the rest, I have a brother-in-law who has his M-div. Other than that, my family is filled with farmers, truck-drivers, ministers. And a computer security analyst and one actuary. So...on professor - the rest may or may not be educated (but lacking prestige)...and valuing Christ, valuing the work of their hands and valuing family.

  • If you had a computer at home

HAH! NOBODY had a computer at home! I did have the slide rule that my dad used when he was younger (all the students in my drafting class were jealous because it was so nice.)

  • If you had more than 50 books at home / If you had more than 500 books at home

Yes. We didn't go to movies. We read books. We loved books. One of the possessions I value most is my grandmother's complete set of Shakespeare.

  • If were read children's books by a parent

Bible stores...lots of them

  • If you ever had lessons of any kind

Like piano, stuff like that? No. But I was in Camp Fire Girls. I take that back. I took sewing lessons.

  • If you had more than two kinds of lessons

I learned how to drive a tractor on my Grandpa's lap. I learned how to play baseball with my dad behind me, his hands on mine (that's why I'm left-handed but can only bat right-handed). I learned to take care of animals and people.

  • If you had a credit card with your name on it

My parents believe in debt-free living. They do not even carry a mortgage OR a car payment.

BUT... I did have a horse (I take that back, I had a horse and a pony).

  • If you went to summer camp

Yeah...we stayed in tents!

  • If you have been to Europe

No...but my parents took my youth group on overnight canoe trips.

  • If your family vacations involved staying at hotels

No...but they involved staying at my grandparent's cottage in the Northern Michigan forest...with "running water" (we had to run across the road and get it from a hand pump)

They involved camping on the beach in Florida, watching the sunrise as we cooked over an open fire.

They involved pumping water from a hand pump (and running back to camp to have a contest to see who arrived with the most water)

  • If all of your clothing has been new and bought at the mall Two things.

  1. We had many friends, family and neighbors who pulled together. We took care of each other. And it was never looked down on as being "less" if we had hand-me-downs, if we bought our clothes at places other than the mall, or even if we wore "garage-sale" clothes.
  2. We (remember the valuing of the work of our hands) made things. One of my favorite home movies was taken on one of those camping trips, during one of those water running episodes. We were all wearing matching shirts, made by my mom. My wedding dress was hand sewn by one of my best friends.
  • If your parents bought you a car that was not a hand-me-down from them My first car was an (about) 1967 Ford LTD. My dad and I worked on it and I learned to not be afraid of the inside of a car.

  • If there was original art in your house

Yes. My Aunt Pat loved to paint. One of my favorite paintings was one that she did of my grandmother and grandfather standing in front of their farmhouse. My parent's house is filled with woodwork done by my dad and needlework done by...well...all of us. My home, growing up, was filled with art that came from the work of our hands and the love in our hearts.

  • If you had a phone in your room

No, but very few people did.

  • If you lived in a single family house

Yes. We lived in a single family home, next to a single family home (that seldom had a single family in it) that was next to another single family home (and all of us related). In my grandparent's "single family home", there was a constant stream of visitors - all of them family, related by blood or not.

  • If your parent own their own house or apartment

Yes. With no mortgage.

  • If you had your own room

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. In the yes times, I learned to keep to myself and that I could isolate myself if I chose. In the no times, I learned tolerance and understanding of younger siblings.

BUT... I also had hours and hours of sitting in the branches of an apple tree, reading good books. I had more hours in the hay loft, with a cat in my lap. More hours playing boards games with my grandma.

If you participated in an SAT/ACT prep course

No, but then even if it had been available, I probably would not have done it.

  • If you had your own cell phone in High School

They didn't exist. I did have a CB radio in my car, though.

  • If you had your own TV in your room in High School

No, but I had lots of books. The TV was in the "family room" because that's where we spent time as "family".

  • If you opened a mutual fund or IRA in High School or College


  • If you have ever flown anywhere on a commercial airline

Yes...actually. When I was a kid I flew to Colorado with my mom and dad (and rode back in a semi-truck!) Later, my husband and I worked with the American Red Cross and flew to many places. Now, I fly on a pretty regular basis.

  • If you ever went on a cruise with your family

A self-propelled cruise down the river in a canoe...a dad-propelled row boat cruise across the Tequamenon River so that we could play in the Upper Falls.

  • If your parents took you to museums and art galleries

Yes...and planetariums and zoos.

  • If you were unaware of how much heating bills were for your family.

Totally. Even when there wasn't enough money for extras, we were always protected from the "why"

So, by this list, I am NOT privileged. I do, however, feel very lucky, fortunate, loved and cared for.

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One thought on “The Quiz

  1. In Jr. High, I was assigned to survey adults in my life, asking them to name their most prized possession.

    My friend's mother, a mother of 13, named her hands. My mother, a letter carrier, named her feet. My typing teacher named the fashion jewelry she wore. It's pretty obvious that the survey here has a materialistic perspective, as if things suggest advantage.

    I thought about completing the survey myself ... maybe I will ... but I don't think it's an accurate indictor. Privilege is relative and high privilege is often hidden from our view. For all the wealth on display in my neck of the woods, there's always a more impressive degree that won't be seen.

    The annotated version you have here is the most useful, especially for personal reminisces. "Running water" - delightful!

    Happiness is what's important in childhood. And security. And love.

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