Internet again…

My internet connection at home is toast.  It might be the modem.  Right now, I'm having coffee at Schuler's and enjoying free internet access  😉

I've downloaded all my homework assignments, so that's a good thing and I've done very little other reading.  but my iPod is good to go!

The connection at home has been up and down but today...all down.

so I'm reading Pat Buchanan and Through Matthew for lent.

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One thought on “Internet again…

  1. Leigh Ann

    I was coming here to ask if you had an ipod and low and behold you mention it in your post.
    My husband highly recommends some lectures from his Systematic Theology I on the Trinity by Dr. Douglas Kelly, professor of Systematic Theology at RTS Charlotte. You can download a lot of lectures for free from My husband and I are going to start listening to them together. There are also so great apologetic one there as well by Dr. John Frame.
    Just thought I would metion it since you are getting into the Trinity.

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