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As I prepare for possible surgery, organizing diet becomes more vital.  I'm also collecting low sodium recipes.  Going more low carb/high protein/moderate fat.

So...MasterCook crashed.  I downloaded Bigoven and I don't like it at all.  It is rated higher than MasterCook, but I don't like the way recipes are organized and I really don't like the very trim nutritional breakdown.

Then I realized that MasterCook 9.0 is not compatible with Windows 7...and I missed MasterCook 10...so I ordered MasterCook 11, which is compatible with Windows 7.  Hopefully that will solve my issues.

In the meantime, the recipes I'm running across are just getting bookmarked and my first week off of school will be spend on "geek stuff"


I think my  computer battery died.  At least that's what the Lenovo forums are saying.  The batter light is orange and blinking and the systems tray says "plugged in, not charging."

I took the battery out and replaced it (didn't work) and I took the battery out and unplugged the computer and hit the start button 11 times (don't ask me why, but there are users who say that it works.

Later I'll have Tom trade batteries with me to see if his works.


And my computer is overheating.

So I'm logging off and turning off for a little while

At first I thought the optical eye needed cleaning or something.

Now I think the "clicker" went bad - it doesn't "grab" text.  That will annoy me later one.  For now I can happily use the pad on my laptop to copy and paste.  When I start writing for school, it will get frustrating to move back and forth from laptop to keyboard.

So, I'll drop one in my Amazon cart and when I get paid, I'll order one.  I also have a second DVD player in there to use upstairs (to exercise to).

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My internet connection at home is toast.  It might be the modem.  Right now, I'm having coffee at Schuler's and enjoying free internet access  😉

I've downloaded all my homework assignments, so that's a good thing and I've done very little other reading.  but my iPod is good to go!

The connection at home has been up and down but today...all down.

so I'm reading Pat Buchanan and Through Matthew for lent.