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The Dugger family is expecting their 18th child - due New Years Day.

This family was the object of (I'll say) "rage" when #17 came along. Ironically, the (I'll also say) "scorn" came from the "pro-choice" camp. That was when I stopped calling that political movement "pro-choice" and started calling it "pro-abortion".

It seems that they approve of "choice" right up until the point you make a reproductive choice they do not approve of.

"choice" means that a family has a choice. If they choose to have 17 18 children - that is their choice.

Eighteen is housefull of kids...and this is a family full of love.

I have two children. I would happily, gladly, thrillfully, willingly, you name the positive feeling...get more.

If it were physically possible (for a variety of reasons it is unlikely) I would have another. Eighteen? Most likely not. But for the Duggers, any "pro-choice" person who criticizes...is not pro-choice. They are pro-abortion, since that is the choice of having 18 children is not one that is "approved".

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