My week "officially" starts on Sunday.  My day planner and my Weight Watchers eTools both begin on Sunday, so that's when I start my exercise week also.

I'm reading a couple of books


There will be some conflicts.

Today I'm very on-track for eating and I walked 7019 steps in 63 minutes (I'm having to deal with shin splints again).

Goals for this week:  bite it/write it; 28 activity points; update side bar on new template; flylady stuff.  Post every day (and not just photos.)  Adjust my bike helmet.  Drink all my water.

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3 thoughts on “Reboot

  1. You know how to fix shin splints, besides icing?

    Sit where your feet don't touch the floor - on the side of your bed, e.g. Hang a weight on a foot - use a small handbag, e.g. Slowly flex your toes up and down, raising and lowering the weight.

    This exercise strengthens the muscles on the front of your leg ... and it really works.

  2. I will start that...I know that my pace is way down just because it hurts to walk!

    I think I have a set of weights with straps for handles - they would be perfect. Thanks! (how long does it take?)(being the impatient sort when it comes to health)

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