Daily Archives: June 27, 2008


Why do I believe "wives, submit to your husbands as unto the Lord..." and stop?  Because I'm reading my own mail.

My submission to my husband (when he was alive) did not depend on him loving me as the Christ loves the church.  Reading my own mail, I see my role.

Did I confront him?  Yes.  Did I enlist the help of the pastor?  Yes.  Did I pray?  Yes.

Did that stop me from submitting?  No.

God's Word to me is still God's Word, whether nor not somebody else obeys their Word.

I remember a great turning point in my Christian walk - the day I realized that my walk with God did not depend upon my husband's walk with God.

Could I follow his lead when he provided it?  Absolutely.  I can follow my pastor's lead, but my walk is still my responsibility.

Does being my own responsibility relieve me from submission?  Not at all, rather my submission is a part of my own responsibility.

Read my own mail.

That is why I seldom write about a man's part in a marriage.  It largely does not concern me - When I write "God-stuff", it is about what things are beginning to mean to me.  Yes, I recognize the command to men and believe that a marriage requires that a husband love his wife as Christ loves the church.

But that is reading HIS mail.  I know what to look for, but in my search to grow myself, I read my own mail;  thus, most of my writing on marriage and love relationships is written from a woman's perspective, toward a woman's "mail."

I feel absolutely NO obligation (zero) to instruct men.  I'm not a man, I don't face their challenges.  It's not my mail.

Yesterday, gasoline was $4.08 9/10.  So I bought 2 gallons of milk and got a coupon good for $.10 off each gallon of gas.

The question was:  Do I wait until Friday to fill up (after I've used a little more gas and buy more with the coupon?  Or buy it on Thursday, knowing what the price was then?

Buy a little less now?  Or risk the price going up?

So I filled up yesterday and today gas is $4.19.

I "won" $0.11 a gallon!  Over a dollar!  Okay...maybe not so much.  But maybe it's the thrill of the chase.

An official week of Weight Watchers has gone by.

1.2 pounds lost.

This week:

I bought a bike.  Then a padded seat. I think the odometer on the bike is set wrong, since mapmyrun.com says I rode 3.1 miles and the odometer says 4.9.

Tuesday:  I started a "no-poo" experiment (went shampoo free to see how it goes).

Started reading "Thin Within".  So far the only thing new to me is the concept of not "losing" weight (the idea being that if you "lose" something you hope to find it again).  They refer to "releasing" weight. I think I like that.

1.2 pounds "released".