The Naturopath…

Did this thing call "sclerology"...took photos of my eyes and told me that everything that's going on in my body - my body knows and the eyes will tell.

He told me that my iron is low and my zinc is low (how many folks think about their zinc being low...only mine is - according to blood tests that were run because of my sense of smell, which is sometimes the result of a zinc issus)

He agreed (according to my symptoms) that there's some thyroid thing going on and sold me a thyroid support supplement (which I can get online...for more money, so he gave me the better deal).

He also said that most folks who live in Western Civilization have a few other things going on in the digestive tract and told me to try (at least for a few weeks) eliminating wheat and dairy.  (Yogurt, kefir and fermented dairy is ok once in a while.)

Yesterday was a big splurge in the wheat department (think Amish-made bread, noodles and apple dumplings).  Today is wheat free, but I'm drinking the rest of my skim milk.

After that's gone, I'll switch to almond milk.

Even since starting "thyadine" a week or so ago, I feel "brighter".  We'll see how it goes for the rest of it.

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3 thoughts on “The Naturopath…

  1. tiro

    I also take a naturopathic natural formula for low thyroid. If you are still tired you might have him check your adrenals. Sometimes a lot of stress challenges our adrenals also. in my case both are low. The good news is that the adrenals will rejuvenate themselves with a bit of help....though might take some time.

    Good to hear more people are going to naturopathic doctors. They do so much more than the average doctor.

  2. It was a new experience for me! I'm sort of looking at an "adrenal support" diet (which is a generally healthy way of eating anyway) and see what happens.


  3. tiro

    Its new to me also. Just found out in the last month that was part of my problem. Still trying to figure out an adrenal support eating lifestyle. Do you have an online website with good info???

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