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I've been "easing" toward different eating habits over the last few years, but mostly playing with it.  Eating "Primal" for breakfast doesn't do much good when you throw in a Snicker's bar for lunch.  A couple of years ago I gave up wheat for Lent and was surprised at the difference.  Now, I go for a few days, then slip.  (Today is "day one" after lunch yesterday.)

The "Primal Blueprint" is the plan that I like best.  The author's blog is "Mark's Daily Apple" and I've gleaned a lot (including recipes) from that site.

There's also "Paleo" - the biggest difference is that Primal is a lot more flexible.  A little dairy, a little rice, morning coffee...

Both emphasize "clean eating" - but their basis is not my basis.  I read "Cultured Mama" who wonders if "paleo/primal" is Biblical?   Granted, they base their eating plans on the assumption that humans evolved into eating whatever they eat.  I believe that God created humans fully evolved.

However...God gave us food.  And it does seem to indicate that (in the beginning) humans were vegetarians.

Genesis 1:29
And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.

Not until Noah, did humans have the "green light" to eat meat.

Where does that leave primal/paleo?

1 - in order to answer that, you need to separate the eating plan and science, from the philosophical reasons for creating the plan.  If you take away "evolution" reasons, what you are left with is a basic "grain/legume/frankenfood-free" eating plan that encourages you to choose foods that have been raised cleanly and without hormones, additives, artificial fertilizers.


On the wheat topic - what kind of wheat?  What we know as "wheat" today is very different than even the wheat that was grown 50 years ago.

Well for starters, the wheat we eat today is not the same wheat of 50 or even 100 years ago. Since the demand for wheat is so high (second biggest crop in the U.S., second only to corn), scientists have been genetically modifying the plant to make it grow faster and produce higher yields. This means that wheat is not rich with nutrients and health benefits like it once was.

Wheat now qualifies as a "frankenfood" - also, check out this article on "wheatbellyblog"

I guess this turned out to be about wheat - and that's okay.  Every time I eat wheat, I cough.  And cough.  Clue bus?


Really had a tough time this week.

- I am learning that allergens do really bad things to me.

I overloaded on wheat yesterday and I'm having a really hard time with respiratory stuff.

- I learned that I should not even put 1 quarter in the candy machine

because that leads to putting 3 quarters in the candy machine.

- I learned that I need to fix my lunch the evening ahead of time

or else I'll put stuff in it that's quick, but not terribly healthy.

- I learned that I need to attach my keys to my lunch...

Or I leave it hanging on the door knob (which leads to the overload of wheat and quarters...

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A couple of days were an exercise no-go.  Shoot one day was a "I-don't-want-to-move" day - a migraine yesterday had me moving between office and bed all day, with a couple of excursions downstairs for food.  (I have an electric water-heater-pot and a coffee press - the best way to make coffee - in my office and that's where my 1/2 bath is...so unless I want food I don't have to leave my bedroom/office area.)


I lost 3-1/4 pounds - the first loss in many weeks.

The secret?  Lower carb, higher fat - but still following Weight Watchers points.  Because of thyroid and PCOS, the needs my body needs are a little different, but I still will not lose while not restricting calories.  I went to a naturopath who did NOT give me a formula, but gave me guidelines with which to make my own formula (for those who need formulas)

- 50% of my calories from fat (with the majority coming from "healthy" fat - monounsaturated) - and the fat in eggs (while saturated) is okay so even eggs are unlimited.
- 50% of the volume on my plate coming from fresh or lightly steamed fruits and vegetables

- Take my weight in pounds and eat half that many grams of protein

- The rest of my calories in complex carbs (but never wheat or dairy)

- no wheat or dairy (but I can "cheat" with kefir and yogurt)

- lots of water...half my weight in ounces

There is no limitation on calories...the lower carb, higher protein and healthy fat makes my body burn it differently - thermogenic.  The drain yesterday may have been from the shift in my body, but I am eating enough carbs for fuel.  The fat and protein guidelines make me put the emphasis on not wasting the complex carbs on "stuff".
What I know is that this works and (knowing from the past how I do even as low as Atkins) my body feels better.


(sigh)...Here is the list of food restrictions (allergy and otherwise)

- dairy

- peanuts (due to a mold allergy giving me asthma attacks)

- potatoes, eggplants (off the table) and limited tomatoes and green peppers; these are nightshade plants and they cause - in me (YMMV) joint pain)

- wheat


Another new blog for me!

I set up a little blog just for recipes - most of them have a combination of low-cal, moderate carb.

MzEllen Cooks (sometimes).  (I rarely cook in the summer...my son takes over with the grill.)

And here's a recipe:  Fast and Easy Chicken in Salsa with Zucchini.


Did this thing call "sclerology"...took photos of my eyes and told me that everything that's going on in my body - my body knows and the eyes will tell.

He told me that my iron is low and my zinc is low (how many folks think about their zinc being low...only mine is - according to blood tests that were run because of my sense of smell, which is sometimes the result of a zinc issus)

He agreed (according to my symptoms) that there's some thyroid thing going on and sold me a thyroid support supplement (which I can get online...for more money, so he gave me the better deal).

He also said that most folks who live in Western Civilization have a few other things going on in the digestive tract and told me to try (at least for a few weeks) eliminating wheat and dairy.  (Yogurt, kefir and fermented dairy is ok once in a while.)

Yesterday was a big splurge in the wheat department (think Amish-made bread, noodles and apple dumplings).  Today is wheat free, but I'm drinking the rest of my skim milk.

After that's gone, I'll switch to almond milk.

Even since starting "thyadine" a week or so ago, I feel "brighter".  We'll see how it goes for the rest of it.