The Sanfords

A few days ago I posted the statement by Jenny Sanford.

On the face of it, it sounds "right".  Forgiveness, restoration, putting a marriage back together.  It takes a lot of work and their work was made much more difficult by the fact that the work is now in the public eye.

There is one thing "wrong" (and it's not Jennifer that wrote it).  I happened to hear Michelle Malkin on the Sean Hannity show right before I read the statement and she made a big fuss (BIG) about the fact that Sandford was in Argentina on Father's Day and not spending it with his sons.

Here's the thing.  The statement said that his wife asked him to leave, so it was her decision for him to not have any contact with his family during that time.

There is a lot that Sanford did wrong - spending Father's Day away from his kids was not his choice so he should not be blamed for that.

As far as what he did - there is no excuse.  We don't know what was happening in their marriage that may have made it "seem" like an option, but what he did was wrong.

Should he resign?  I believe so, but not because of his moral behavior.  If we learned anything during the Clinton years, it was that if it doesn't affect the job, we shouldn't worry about it.

But this did.  I believe that he should resign because he put his staff in the position of lying for him.

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