Daily Archives: July 21, 2009

Mom was a lot more fragile today...jittery and shaky.  A lot more time spent in bed and we skipped a lot of PT (at the therapist's suggestion).  She did the sitting exercises and she transfered a lot of times.  then she just wanted to rest.

when the PT got here, she said that she had taken on another patient that was in the same boat and they tried something that worked.   She put Mom's chair close to the kitchen sink and had Mom rock...on the count of 3...stand up.  the support belt helped because we can help lift her.  The cabinet doors kept her knees from buckling and she held onto the sink for dear life.  It was only a few seconds, but she was standing.

Those were the only good tears of the day.

Me...it wasn't one of the worst days.

She stood up.  Major assistance, but a major milestone.

We have to push her wheelchair up to the kitchen sink, she pushes up on the arms of the chair, the cupboard doors keep her knees from buckling and then she grabs the edge of the sink and she stands for a few seconds.   I have to hold her "belt" (a strap that goes around the outside of her brace so that we can help or catch) and give her a little boost, then support...but it's happening.

My day...It's a good day for Mom