Mother’s Day

Three years ago I wrote about "Ancient History" and Mother's Day.

Last week, a well known man (Ernie Harwell) died of the same cancer that killed my husband - a rare and aggressive sort that the oncologist called "pancreatic cancer's evil cousin."

This Mother's Day I'm going to a great brunch with my husband's sisters and my son and daughter.  Yesterday we had a "board game" time with the young man who may very well become my son-in-law.

Time goes on.  Moving on with life brings healing.

I learn that there is an urgency to the Gospel.

In the words of Harwell,

"And also, I think that when I heard the news, that I had this cancer, that I had a feeling of security and serenity ... but I had a feeling of acceptance because of my belief in Jesus and the Lord."

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