Ancient History (part seven)

As "luck" would have it, there are a couple of threads about baptism today.

Five years ago today (it was the 13, but it was also Mother's Day), my daughter was baptized (credo-immersion-style).

"Wednesday" (five years ago), we were told that my husband had some sort of bowel obstruction with some other changes in the CT scan. "Yesterday (five years ago), his surgeon that did his "big surgery" stopped by to visit and read the Bible with us. We told him that Manda was going to be baptized in June and he said that he had seen the scan and that we should move up the baptism. A LOT...I could say more, but I think that "all over the place" is all I need to say.

It was short notice for our families, who are all out-of-town. But they all came to Manda's baptism. My dad (still recovering from heart surgery) was even able to make it.

She knew what baptism meant and why Christians should be baptized - but her first reason was that she wanted to be baptized while her dad was still alive.

It was a good family time and everything was very positive. Art's sister, Deb had told me that she was afraid that Art was putting on a "good face" when he talked to her. But after that night, and seeing Manda baptized, she told me that she knew that he was at peace - the peace was almost physical.

I remember the night, but not well. I remember the closeness of the family - blood family and church family. I remember my daughter's wet, shining face.

That was a very good night.

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3 thoughts on “Ancient History (part seven)

  1. Ellen,

    Reading this made me cry. It reminds me so much of my own father. I was baptized on March 20th 2005 and my dad passed away on June 14th. I remember that he came to my baptism even though he was in tremendous physical pain. (By this time the cancer had spread all around).

  2. Gina, both you and Manda were blessed to have your dads see you baptized. I was afraid at the time that we were pushing her for that reason - maybe we were. But it was still a very good night.

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