Thoughts on Hobby Lobby/ACA

Here's the thing...Hobby Lobby isn't asking to be exempted from providing birth control pills for their employees.

They're asking to not be forced to provide aborticients (morning after pill, "Plan B", Ella.)

Unlike a lot of (union) companies who have asked for waiver/exemptions from the whole thing, Hobby Lobby is asking that they not be forced to pay for abortion-causing drugs.

So...let's at least shoot for a little bit of intellectual honesty.

Another thing...

Co-pays. I pay a co-pay for all (ALL) of my medications. My dad pays co-pays for his insulin, heart medication, etc. co-pays will continue for thyroid meds, heart meds, pain meds, cancer meds, diabetes meds.

And liberals have their undergarments bunched up because they don't even want a co-pay for birth control!?!?

$20.00 co-pay for a life-saving drug...
$00.00 co-pay for a life-preventing drug.

They are truly more interested in preventing a life, than saving one.

And yet another

"Preventing" access to birth control...

Seriously. Do they really think that women are so helpless and dumb that if somebody else doesn't pay for their $9-$15 a month prescription, that they (women) can't figure out how to "access" it?

If women can figure out how to buy groceries, vitamins, panty hose...I'm pretty sure they can figure out how to access birth control pills.

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