New Years…(setting goals, not resolutions)

Setting Intentions and Goals for 2021

I want to do some goal setting for 2021.

2020 was a hot mess! I cannot change the world in 2021, but I can change my little corner of it - meaning I can set goals that will improve me.

Oola goal setting looks interesting and I think I'll use that as a starting point. I am *NOT* going to set a bunch of goals for January 1 and get overwhelmed. I'll pick a goal or two, and create a habit a week...we'll see.

Oola has 7 life areas that keep us centered: family, faith, friends, field (career), fitness, finance, fun. I suppose that when I was typing these from memory that the one I couldn't remember is the one that I "scored" the lowest on!

One caution, if you're a stay-at-home wife - one of the field questions is whether or not your job could support you. I work part time so my answer is near the bottom, individually. I answered the finance questions as a family unit, since my husband and I are a team, but the "field" questions are rigged for independence.

Fitness is my first goal areas. Exercise 5x/week.

There! Easy Peasy!

I have a couple of BIG goals for this year.

  1. hike to the top of Job's Peak - it's not as bad as it looks; the trail head is on the back side of the range. It's a strenuous hike and it has amazing views. I can see this peak from my office window, so to see my house from the top would be amazing.
Job's Peak, taken with my iPhone, at the corner by my house.

2. Make my weight goal (about 50 pounds to lose). I have the tools, now I need to strength.

3. Start logging miles on the Tahoe Rim Trail, with the longer terms goal of backpacking part of the Pacific Crest Trail.

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