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The landlord (Ron) told me that (as long as I told him ahead of time) I could do "stuff" to the unit. But whatever I leave behind when I move out is his.

If I end up being there for a while, there are a few things I would do.

  • more cable jacks - okay, that's a given and I'm calling tomorrow to get that done.
  • install these (and the rail)
  • a wireless intercom for the door
  • maybe a ceiling fan or two
  • this (for the door to the balcony)

If I do one of these every few months, it will make the place more comfy.

Things that I might buy that I could pass along to somebody else

  • this (for the balcony)
  • this (to make life easier)- which could double as a portable island.

I share the job of shoveling the sidewalk with the downstairs tenant - I have an electric snowblower, but have no storage.  If they want to store it (and use it) I'll gladly provide it.

The other thing is that I'm responsible for my own garbage removal - I just don't generate that much garbage, so I may end up volunteering to pay for a cart and removal, rather than buying "blue garbage bags" -  our city's system.  You buy the bag and put in on the curb on the right day, and they pick it up.  If I go with a private service, maybe I can split the cost and store the cart outdoors so I don't have to keep garbage in the apartment for a week.

If I keep the camping gear in the camper, that will take care of that storage need - I just need to put a good padlock on the camper door.

My books always suffer from lack of organization...my thought was to get these binder clips in white to stick on the shelves and label them with a sharpie

I need more bookshelves.

I've been accepted for an apartment. It's not the best place in town (but I've lived in the inner city and this is not that).

The bedrooms are tiny, but the rest of the place is great. It's an upper and the stairs are narrow...I'll pay somebody to move my furniture so I don't have to navigate. Lots of windows - as many as I have now, but facing better directions!  A big bathroom with a washer and dryer (included). Lots of kitchen storage.

No "stuff" storage" so I'll get a storage unit for unused furniture and other stuff (either that or get rid of the Christmas tree and use a little one at Christmas).

It will be a relief to have a more appropriate place.  I'm not tied to being a property owner - the thought of not having to mow the lawn, shovel the sidewalk, yada, yada...is good.