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We should enjoy the blessing that God gives us - and God has given us much (I'm thinking in the Western mindset in the United States.)

We are privileged here and there is no reason that we should not enjoy the blessing that have been given us - but there are dangers and drawbacks to those blessings.

When we forget that they are blessings, and not entitlements, we become less grateful.
When we lose sight of those who do not have these blessings, we become self-centered.
We we believe the blessings are entitlements, we become selfish.

I was just on my facebook page...

At the same time I was updating my bike ride, a co-worker was giving us an update on another co-worker who has suffered a stroke

The health that I have is a blessing that others may not have. I am grateful to God that I have the means to become more healthy, while others are in hospital beds recovering.

As a co-worker was describing his delightful day on the warm, (relatively) clean beach of Lake Michgan, a missionary we support was telling us that 30 Karamong in a swamp.

The clean water that we enjoy is a blessing that some others in the world do not have.

Some of my friends are golfing, the Sliedricht family is visiting mass graves in Obalanga.

We have land that spreads out to enjoy life; in other countries there is so much death they do not even dig individual graves.

I have the summer off, the Sliedrichts are working with people in poverty.

Just saying.

Another Pair of Hands Poem

The skills of the hands used in a gesture of love
Sends receiver and giver blessings from above
For the nature of hands outstretched holds within such a power
They console and comfort at each and every hour

Through hunger, thirst, discomfort and pain
Another Pair of Hands helps share the strain
Of the misery and woe man inflicts on another
Held gently in Prayer the hands find our Father

And it is he who teaches, instructs and guides
He who calls us to explore the treasures we hold inside
Called to release our love like an ever-flowing stream
To elevate others to achieve their dreams

And so as His foot-soldiers we wait and accept God’s call
To out-stretch our hands to one and all.