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I was sleepy (groggy but cannot nap) and my head feels like it's stuffed with soggy cotton balls.

I think it's the "post-vacation eating plan blues".

I did not eat badly on vacation.  It is difficult to eat low-carb on vacation.  I ate plenty of veggies and fruit, but indulged in wheat and other higher carb goodies on days that I knew I'd be walking.

But the first few days of low-carb (I'm shooting for under 75 net grams of carb per day) I feel a little mentally out of it.  I don't hit ketosis until around day 3 of under 50net, so I'm not planning on that.  Friday and Saturday I'll knock it back to 30net, then increase it again for the week.

I am committed to eating a good mix of fruits and vegetables - and I can't do that on an "Atkins Induction" sort of plan.  Anything under 100 net grams of carbs is considered "low" and my endocrinologist put me at 135.

Current restrictions:

  • no wheat
  • no milk
    • I will eat 1 serving of dairy per day, options are cheese, yogurt and kefir
  • no peanut butter
  • no potatoes (sweet potatoes are okay)
  • limit other grains (including rice)