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I was sleepy (groggy but cannot nap) and my head feels like it's stuffed with soggy cotton balls.

I think it's the "post-vacation eating plan blues".

I did not eat badly on vacation.  It is difficult to eat low-carb on vacation.  I ate plenty of veggies and fruit, but indulged in wheat and other higher carb goodies on days that I knew I'd be walking.

But the first few days of low-carb (I'm shooting for under 75 net grams of carb per day) I feel a little mentally out of it.  I don't hit ketosis until around day 3 of under 50net, so I'm not planning on that.  Friday and Saturday I'll knock it back to 30net, then increase it again for the week.

I am committed to eating a good mix of fruits and vegetables - and I can't do that on an "Atkins Induction" sort of plan.  Anything under 100 net grams of carbs is considered "low" and my endocrinologist put me at 135.

Current restrictions:

  • no wheat
  • no milk
    • I will eat 1 serving of dairy per day, options are cheese, yogurt and kefir
  • no peanut butter
  • no potatoes (sweet potatoes are okay)
  • limit other grains (including rice)

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A couple of days were an exercise no-go.  Shoot one day was a "I-don't-want-to-move" day - a migraine yesterday had me moving between office and bed all day, with a couple of excursions downstairs for food.  (I have an electric water-heater-pot and a coffee press - the best way to make coffee - in my office and that's where my 1/2 bath is...so unless I want food I don't have to leave my bedroom/office area.)


I lost 3-1/4 pounds - the first loss in many weeks.

The secret?  Lower carb, higher fat - but still following Weight Watchers points.  Because of thyroid and PCOS, the needs my body needs are a little different, but I still will not lose while not restricting calories.  I went to a naturopath who did NOT give me a formula, but gave me guidelines with which to make my own formula (for those who need formulas)

- 50% of my calories from fat (with the majority coming from "healthy" fat - monounsaturated) - and the fat in eggs (while saturated) is okay so even eggs are unlimited.
- 50% of the volume on my plate coming from fresh or lightly steamed fruits and vegetables

- Take my weight in pounds and eat half that many grams of protein

- The rest of my calories in complex carbs (but never wheat or dairy)

- no wheat or dairy (but I can "cheat" with kefir and yogurt)

- lots of water...half my weight in ounces

There is no limitation on calories...the lower carb, higher protein and healthy fat makes my body burn it differently - thermogenic.  The drain yesterday may have been from the shift in my body, but I am eating enough carbs for fuel.  The fat and protein guidelines make me put the emphasis on not wasting the complex carbs on "stuff".
What I know is that this works and (knowing from the past how I do even as low as Atkins) my body feels better.


(sigh)...Here is the list of food restrictions (allergy and otherwise)

- dairy

- peanuts (due to a mold allergy giving me asthma attacks)

- potatoes, eggplants (off the table) and limited tomatoes and green peppers; these are nightshade plants and they cause - in me (YMMV) joint pain)

- wheat


Another new blog for me!

I set up a little blog just for recipes - most of them have a combination of low-cal, moderate carb.

MzEllen Cooks (sometimes).  (I rarely cook in the summer...my son takes over with the grill.)

And here's a recipe:  Fast and Easy Chicken in Salsa with Zucchini.