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iPod touch apps...

  • Weight watchers calculator AND tracker!
  • shopping list (grocer-by category)
  • games (tetris, sudoku)
  • restaurant nutrition lists
  • to do list (by urgency)

I normally have all this "stuff" on pieces of paper (except for the games) or on my computer (which doesn't fit in my purse - almost)

(the 5.5 is important to me because I've been looking for a calculator that will give me half points!)

I'm heading to Starbuck's nearly every day this month.  You see, they're giving away a free song (different song) every day on iTunes.  What this has done is expose me to artists that I would not have known or tried otherwise.

  • Raul Midon
  • Lisa Kelly "Now We Are Free" - I really like this one!
  • Spanish Harlem Orchestra (the album is "Together We Swing", the song is Sacalar Bailar- another good one!)
  • Sonya Kitchell - the song, "I'm in Love With You"

And a few others.  The store I go to keeps the cards from the day before so I only have to stop every other day, but I've enjoyed this opportunity to try music that is new to me.

Also, Amazon.com has their new MP3 downloads store that gives away a different song every week and iTunes store has a new song every week for free (AND, if you want to there is also an iTunes Latino that gives away yet another song!)

I'm listening to a lot of music in Spanish, just to get in the habit of listening to that language (I struggle with languages...)

Other artists I have discovered through "people that bought this also bought..."

  • Thalia (Latino)
  • Mediaeval Baebes (from Loreena McKinnett) (Welsh Folk)
  • Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (Hawaiian)

And from other people: