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Opening Statement and "what's the point?"

include title, author, and a quote from the author about the purpose of the book.

What is the tone of the book?

What makes this author uniquely qualified to write this book?  Who is his audience?

What is the purpose of the book?

What does the book promise? What is the problem the book promises to solve?

What does the author say?

two or three paragraphs - does the book do what it promised to do?  why or why not?  If not, why not?

Why does it matter?

Before I wrap up the review, I want to help people understand what sets this book apart and what makes it unique. This is often the most important part of the review.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? -What is your overall impression?

Reviews are, by their very nature, subjective. An author of a review cannot entirely remove himself from it.

And the verdict is:

Challies says:

At 10MillionWords I’ve gotten into the habit of closing each review with “Verdict: Read it if…”

Adapted from GoodReads and Challies


"Not So Easily Washed Away"

the book says that the story is true, but it reads like made-up erotica...but maybe not. The teller of the story swings from anger to desperation, from threats to pleas.

A lot of it sounds as if it cannot be. The parts before she comes to American...maybe. There are many reports that come out of Arab parts of the world that make this story ring true.

The part where she is here? I hope these things cannot happen, but I know that they do.

The book is not well written, the writing is shallow and the characters unreal. There is a second book, but I most likely will not read it.

Just to keep them all in one spot...

I've also added a plug-in for a star system!  (plug-ins for my website are sort of like apps for my iThings.)  The site for the "Review Rating" is here.

ZERO stars - I didn't even finish the book

  1. stars - reserved for books to stay away from.  May be well written, but full of error
  2. stars - mediocre bad (this is different than what the plug-in writer uses)
  3. stars - mediocre good
  4. stars - good book; I learned a lot (non-fiction) or enjoyed it very much (fiction)
  5. stars - what a good book!  I learned so much and will apply it to my life in a very real and meaningful way.
  6. stars - this book rocked my world and changed my life forever.

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